Sunday, 11 March 2007

Earth Hour - 20 days to go!

Earthhour is only 20 days away, with the big even kicking off at 7:30pm, Australian Eastern Standard time (EST). Haven't heard of Earth Hour? Here's a bit of a sum up for you:

What is Earth Hour?
On the 31st of March, 2007, residents in Sydney have been invited to participate in an event to show their commitment against global warming, turning off their lights for 1 hour between 7:30pm and 8:30pm.

What is the purpose of Earth Hour?
Earth Hour is one of a series of events that are part of a campaign which aims to reduce Sydney's greenhouse emissions in 2007 by 5%.

Where is Earth Hour being held?
At this stage, EarthHour is being held only in Sydney, as being able to manage a nation wide event at this stage is not feasible. Plus, the impact of having the entire city participating in this event, will have positive ripple effects, with the hope of all Australian cities & states participating in the future.

How can I participate in Earth Hour?
1. Sign up to Earth Hour - its entirely free! Show your pledge to participate, by filling out a quick and easy online form.
2. Begin by unplugging all appliances that are on standby - vcrs, tv's etc. Their power usage combines to a total of 10% of your total annual power usage.
3. Spread the word!
4. Start your own Earth Hour event. Here are some suggestions directly from the Earth Hour website:
  • Get the neighbours together for a BBQ or head out to your local park for the hour
  • A candle-lit dinner for your friends or family
  • Dine in the dark - guess the food you're eating!
  • Have a kids "camp-over" - pitch a tent in the yard and tell ghost stories!

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