Tuesday, 18 September 2007

News Update

Here's the latest green news:

2007-09-18 Source: Abc News online
:00 The New South Wales Government says waste management is about to become more eco-friendly. Waste-management practices will be simplified and the amount of waste going into landfill will be...
2007-09-18 Source: Australian IT
AUSTRALIAN-US startup Ausra will use more than $US40 million ($47.3 million) in venture capital funds to invest in further research and development on its utility-scale solar thermal power...
2007-09-18 Source: EnergyReview.net
CHINA intends to invest US$265 billion (A$315 billion) in renewable energy by 2020, said Chen Deming, vice-chairman of the Chinese Development and Reform...

Source: Green Pages Australia (http://www.greenpagesaustralia.com.au/)


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