Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Google Search Trends for Earth Hour in 2008

Regular readers of my blog may remember a post I did around this time last year showing the search trends on Google for the keyword "Earth Hour" in 2007.

Just a reminder, I'm getting these results from Google Trends, a great tool used to show search trends for a specific keyword, or for even comparing search trends.

Well, this year has produced some amazing results! I thought last year was impressive, but this year the number of searches smashed 2007, with almost 8 times more searches in 2008.

Now lets look at these results a bit closer, breaking them down by region showing the proportion of searches that were made from each region globally.

The concept for Earth Hour originated in Australia, so it's expected for most of the searches to have been made by Australian users. The interesting spike in my opinion is seeing how Canada has moved in to second place, from fourth last year, leaps and bounds ahead of New Zealand, the US and UK.

Another interesting way to look at the number of searches is by city. Here's where the biggest surprise was:

My first thoughts were "Wow - surprising that Earth Hour in Toronto was a bigger event than in Sydney". When you put it in to population terms, Toronto has almost 4 times more residents compared to Sydney, so Earth Hour in Sydney proportionally had more searches per person than Toronto.

These massive results I believe are no doubt due to the big marketing and media push in 2008 following on from the success of the event last year. The amount of news articles showing up in the Google News archive clearly shows this:

All in all it's definately safe to state that Earth Hour 2008 was a huge success with some good energy reductions shown in results for cities around the world in Wikipedia. Kudos to WWF for putting together such a credible event.

I have some big expectations for Earth Hour in 2009, and see this movement as being more than an hour of support, instead becoming more than an annual event in years to come.

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Monday, 14 April 2008

Environmental Events Calendar 2008

It is important for every organisation and business to show the community their support EnvironmentalEnvironmental Events Calendard 2008 events. Supporting Environmental events is also a great way to improve your company/brand's image and public perception.

Some of our Promotional Products we recommend to show support for Environmental Events:

All of these products are ideal for Councils, Government departments and organisations who aim to promote a message about improving our environment.

Here's a list of some of the environmental events taking place this year in Australia :

January | February | March | April | May | June | July | August | September | October | November | December














(source: Department of Environment and Heritage)

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