Sunday, 29 July 2007

5 actions you can take to reduce greenhouse gases

In my previous post, I mentioned SITA Environmental Solutions and their newsletter we received.

Here's another interesting inclusion -

5 actions you can take to reduce greenhouse gases:
  1. turn lights and other high energy devices off when not in use
  2. sign up for accredited green power. speak to your current energy supplier or visit for a list of green energy providers
  3. get a business energy audit to identify potential energy savings
  4. recycle everything you can! SITA can help you recycled a whole host of differentmaterials including paper, cardboard, glass, timber, steel, toner, cartridges, batteries, and fluorescent light globes
  5. wherever possible - catch public transport, carpool, cycle or walk to your destination
Source: "News and Views - March 2007", SITA Environmental Solutions


Thursday, 8 March 2007

Calculate your vehicles greenhouse emissions

Check out this cool calculator provided by the Department of Environment and Water Resources:

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