Thursday, 29 January 2009

Muster up your old mobiles...we are!

I was at a business networking event last year called Business goes Barefoot and I got a bag full of goodies. One of the supporters of the event was MobileMuster and so in the bag of goodies was a MobileMuster mobile phone recycle satchel. We have been doing some cleaning up around the office lately and I found some old mobiles downstairs which reminded me of the MobileMuster recycle satchel still sitting in the goody bag next to my desk. I got the satchel, filled it with the old mobiles and put it in the post today. It was so simple and I felt really good doing it so I thought I would give a quick outline for anyone else wanting to recycle their old mobile phones. This is just some info I got off the MobileMuster website:

MobileMuster is the official national recycling program of the mobile phone industry in Australia. Initiated voluntarily by the telecommunications industry in 1999 its overall aim is to prevent mobile phones ending up in landfill. The program collects and recycles mobile phone handsets, batteries and accessories from a network of over 2000 mobile phone retailers, local councils, government agencies and businesses drop off points across Australia. To get a recycle satchel you can pick one up at a participating Australia Post outlet.

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